NGL Mod Apk Latest v2.3.33 [Premium Unlocked] Download For Android

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NGL Apk is a chat application that helps user to contact with people and send messages without sharing your identity are on social media sites like Instagram. It is best reliable and real app for chatting with people without show your true identity. When chat with people on Instagram, it is designed to protect and maintain the privacy of your identity. Users will remain private as you send messages them, ask questions, give response, and view their stories. This app is quick, safe, and simple to use. This indicates that even if you are using this application for the first time, you can still use it with easy. This NGL apk is become more ideal if you want to communicate with someone but don’t want them to know who you really are.

App NameNGL Mod APK
VersionLatest Version
File Size155 MB
Total Downloads100,0000+
Last update1 hours ago

Features of NGL apk

Privacy and security

NGL apk is best application for private chatting and having best user interface for those people which chat privately on instagram. NGL apk maintain he privacy and security of user and best chat response.

Data removal on request

Data deletion is a feature that the application offers upon request. Even in its database, all of your data will be deleted. NGL apk is latest app for user data security and delete user chat in database.


The features that allow users to customise the application are made to take into account their unique preferences and let them make changes to the app as they see suitable. This feature provides a personal touch which improves the enjoyment of using the NGL APK and helps users easily recognise each other.


NGL apk Notification system allows users select the messages they want to get and ignore. Users can also change the Without affecting their entire user experience, it offers them additional benefits and keeps them updated and managed.

Upgradation Options

Additionally, NGL Apk provides choices for upgrades. By purchasing a premium version, you can improve your account. You may gain additional features like unlimited messaging and customisable themes by purchasing your account.

How to use & Download NGL apk?

Open application after it has finished installation, then register. You can choose a username and password that are both memorable and easy to type.

It’s easy to sign up and will take no time at all to complete. You will get a special ID after register, which you can use to communicate with other users on the platform.

Get a specific URL and post it on your Instagram profile if you want people to ask you questions privately.

Upon clicking the link, visitors will be directed to a page where they can submit private questions to you. You have your own time to response to its questions!

How to Download NGL apk?

Visst my website or playstore.

The “Unknown Source” option must be enabled.

To download the NGL APK, click the Download option at the top of the page.

Store the file in the download folder on your device.

Click the NGL file that you downloaded to start the installation process, then give it some time to finish.

As soon as it’s finished, you can start the application and give it a try.


Is NGL Apk safe and secure?

Yes this is safe and secure beacuse thousand of user use this.

Is app available on playstore?

Yes, this app is available on playstore.

Is delete chat from database?

Yes, this application team provides option to delete chat from database.

Is app fully free to use?

No, this app has some premium features. Buy its pro features then use.

Is app secure user privacy?

Yes, this app is secure for user. NGL apk provide private chatting with people.


NGL Apk app is best and secure app for private chatting that allows users  to ask questions and answers without showing your identity. It has unique way for get ideas on any subjects. Moreover, it is completely safe and secure for user in private chat. In addition, images are used to improve user interface, filters, and content . This app use AI technology to filter debates, avoiding the use of bad language and attempts any harassment.

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